A solid knowledge of the Buy-side and the Sell-side together with an heavy R&D activity and a strong bound with the Academic World, allow iTechFinance to provide his Customers with cutting hedge and effective Solutions.

Front Office & Risk Management: solutions for a wide range of Front-Office and Risk Management applications, like the development of market data/measures computation and calibration, OTC derivative dealing and position/risk management systems.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning containerized solutions to support Buy-side in investment strategies and decisions. Starting from a preliminary R&D phase on neural networks applied to financial data, iTechFinance provide solutions for Pattern Recognition, Risk and Treasury Management.

Blockchain & Decentralized Finance: since 2019, iTechFinance has been experimenting Blockchain technology and DeFi ecosystem with the goal to create value to the Financial Industry. This process has eventually led to the implementation of cutting-edge cryptocurrency investment solutions.

Microservices, Containers & Cloud: migration of legacy architectures into cloud-based ones, adopting microservices technologies and best practices. iTechFinance performs a wide variety of DevOps and MLOps for its customers.

Consulting & Quality Assurance: lean project delivery approach forged during several years of experience in the Investment Banking sector (aka “iTechFinance Delivery Framework”), Business Analysis and IT Development. Validation of the Quality and Reliability of the Customer’s applications and processes.